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Most states have the provision of allowing by referendum public vote on this contraversial program of fluoridation. In fact, this public measure has been voted upon more than 4000 times in last 50 years with 85% of the elections defeating fluoridation.

Since 1990 more than 37 cities and towns in the United States have voted against fluoridation.

Massachusetts Fluoridation Law

Under the general laws of Massachusetts, fluoridation can be ordered by the Public Health Department. After which they must wait 90 days before it is acted upong.

During that 90 days any individual in the town or city which has been ordered by the local Health Department to fluoridate can circulate a petition to have the issue placed on the ballot. Ten per cent of the registered voters is necessary to bring this measure to the ballot box.

Cities or towns that share a common water supply must have the support of the majority of all the involved Health Departments before the issue to fluoridate can be acted upon. A specific copy of the law and a sample referendum petition can be found here.

In Massachusetts any health department of a town or city can vote to fluoridate its water supply. If they do, the public has only 90 days to circulate a petition asking for the town or city residents to have a vote on this issue (copy of this petition will either be on this web site or available via land mail).

If the residents of the city or town do not collect 10% of the signatures from registered voters, the water supply will be fluoridated automatically. If 10% of the signatures ARE gathered on the other hand, and the public votes against fluoridation, the fluoridation of the public water supply will not be carried out.

Glitches in the Law

The health department and dental profession, in our opinion, try to circumvent the public's right to vote on this issue by putting restrictions on the publics ability to vote in this process. For example, if two or more cities share the water suppy, under the current law they are considered a "water district" and the public is circumvented from the right to voice their opinion through vote on this issue. It is our opinion that if two or more cities share the same water supply, both cities should vote on this issue. The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) of Boston used this very rule to fluoridate, without the vote of the public, the 33 cities and towns using the Quabbin Reservoir for their water supply. In fact, the majority of people in MA that are drinking fluoridated water today were forced to drink it without a vote due to this "district rule".

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